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Client Testimonials

Here is what PEOPLE have to say about working with the Chris Watters Home Selling Team!

4800 Chesney Ridge Austin, TX

-Jason & Chista Soules
My Home failed to sell last year with another agent. Heard about Chris Watters and his Team on the Radio. We actually raised the price when it was listed with Watters International Realty by $5,000 per their recommendation. The home went pending sale in less than 2 days. They helped us locate a larger home in Lakeway for our family. It was an enjoyable process. Would highly recommend them to anyone!
1100 Desirable Austin, TX
-William Yu
I thought my home was unsellable. Was delighted that Chris & Brad were able to help us sell it so quickly so we could re-locate. They were with every penny!
1703 Bouldin Austin, TX
-Andrew Morris
I was referred to Chris Watters and his team from a mutual friend who is a well respected home builder in Austin. The property went pending sale in less than 24 hours for 100% of our asking price, no complaints here needless to say. Ray on Chris’ team helped us buy a home in southwest Austin and we got it at a great price. Would highly recommend you call them!
8400 Jamestown Austin, TX
-Theresa Mynar
After my home failed to sell I was very discouraged. I heard about the Chris Watters home selling team on the Radio. The guarantee to sell it or they’d buy it. Seemed to good to be true. However, now I’m a believer that they offer this because they know their going to sell it! My condo went pending sale within the first week we put it back on the market. I was very appreciative of their hard work and most importantly we didn’t have to lower the price to get it sold.
7507 Navajo Pass Leander, TX
-Barry Beer
Our home had previously been on the market with another agent for over a year. We were frustrated with the whole process and couldn’t wait to get rid of this property. Chris’ team sold our home in 93 days and helped us locate into a more desirable location with higher schools for our little ones. Really appreciate the “entire team” that worked behind the scenes with Chris to get the job done.
2003 Ebbsfleet Cedar Park, TX
-Donald Limacher
Disclaimer – I never knew Chris Watters until my home failed to sell. Our home was on the market for over 6 months with another agent and our contract expired. We received a call from the Chris Watters team and met with them. They followed through with their marketing plan as explained during our first visit. We went pending sale in 2 days for full price. I was most impressed with their ability to keep it at the same price as the previous agent and get an offer within only 2 days. I thank them for helping bring our family back together since my job was relocated to California.
148 Spruce Kyle, TX
-Jennifer Tietz
Over 8 months went by and our home had dozens of showings and no offers. After out contract ended with the Realtor that failed to sell it we had received a call from Chris Watters’ team. Their marketing strategy was quite extensive compared to the last agent. The results showed, we sold it and were finally able to relocate our family.
1816 McClannahan Austin, TX
-Alfred Leonard
We are so grateful to have BEEN called and most importantly happy we had the know it all to choose Chris Watters over the dozens of Realtors we interviewed. Our home was in immaculate condition and showed like a model. We were very disappointed to say the least when it had failed to sell with our previous broker. We were extra cautious who we hired. Chris got the job done! Pending sale in less than one month. Thank you for all of your teams hard work, it paid off in a big way.
159 Hiver Kyle, TX
-Betzabe Sanchez
Chris Watters and his team are the absolute best! I received a call out of the blue from them after my home was taken off the market when it did not sell. He followed through with the plan and got the job done. I sold my home for my asking price and can’t wait to be in Florida with my son & daughter. I would recommend senor Watters to anyone!
101 Pitchstone Georgetown, TX
-Frank Monroe
After a daunting three years trying to sell our home with multiple Realtors we heard about the Chris Watters’ team on KLBJ with Mark Ceasar. We had nothing to loose at this point and gave them a shot. We were stunned when the first offer came in only 2 days. They’ve created a “Marketing Machine” that works even during the recession. I recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues.
9414 Lightwood Austin, TX
-Russell Gregg
I was in a “MUST SELL” position to help my ill wife. We assumed our home was in a highly desirable location in S. Austin and thought any Realtor could sell it. After it failed to sell we were very cautious and interviewed half a dozen agents. Chris Watters and his team really came through for us without compromising our ability to negotiate. I was flabbergasted we sold it over asking price. Chris and his team have got this down to a science. I would tell anyone listen to every thing he said. I was never steered wrong, they have integrity and heart.
1525 Weyford Austin, TX
-Karen Welch
My brother-in-law heard about Chris on the radio. As the executor of our parents estate I was very cautious and wanted to ensure I made the right decision for all of my siblings. We were delighted when Chris brought us an offer so quickly and we sold it for a premium. We put a lot of love and care into the home and Chris’ team followed through with the same kind of care our parents would have asked for in the sale.
8900 Ipswich Austin, TX
I’m another raving fan you hear about on Radio. Our home went pending sale in a matter of days with multiple-offers. You can’t ask more than that from a Realtor. We sold over asking price and Chris’ team helped us find another home that better fit our family needs. Even in this economy we managed to make a profit on the sale after owning it for less than 5 years.