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Chris Watters Reviews

Tammy Kennedy

Tammy: Hi everybody! My name is Tammy and I just closed on my first home. I’d like you to know that when I went to sell my house, I did contact 2 real estate agents and I always thought that real estate agents were hungry, however neither one of those businesses contacted me back. I did hear about Christopher Watters on the Bobby Bones Show, and I thought why not give it a try. So I made a phone call and within a short period of time I was contacted by an agent, Mr. John Dawson came to my house, gave me a rundown of everything that I needed to do. He was excellent with customer service. He was prompt, he was efficient, he answered every phone call I made to him. If he wasn’t available, he’d call me back within 2 minutes every time I called him, so, I was very impressed with his service. My house went on the market and within 1 day I had a cash offer. Actually, we showed the house 6 times the first day and had 2 offers. We took the cash offer and here it is less than 2 weeks later, I’m closing on my home. So, excellent job Christopher Watters, uh I think it’s International Realty? I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.



Patricia Bowerman

Patricia: Hi, I’m Patricia Bowerman. And, Kenny Parada with Watters International, sold my house and we closed it MINT Title just now. And what prompted me to call Watters was the billboards saying “If you’re leaving the country after the election we can help you sell your house.” And that’s what planted a little seed. But I interviewed 4 realtors and what made me choose or impressed me with Kenny was he brought his laptop, he had it facing me and he was going through the comps without having to look and read and bumble. So I knew he’d invested in me before we even met, and I knew with that effort he was invested in getting the job done and that’s what I wanted to do. So we listed, we had the first viewing on Friday, another more viewings on Saturday, more viewings on Tuesday, an offer on Wednesday, and that’s it! We’re closed now. Couldn’t be happier.






Jay & Cindy Stearns

Jay: Hi, I’m Jay Stearns and this is my wife Cindy. We just purchased a house from MINT Title, and the house is actually located in Georgetown. And our real estate agent was Manny Torres. So I wanna to talk a little about Manny. Manny was a real professional in all aspects of what he did for us. Any showings that he did, he was on time. Anytime we found something even that day, that afternoon, that morning, no matter what time, Manny made himself available. And that included during the weekday, Saturday, Sunday etcetera. Also, Manny he’s had a great experience in terms of contract knowledge, in terms of what we needed to actually do for the contract, different things that we weren’t aware of in terms of the sequence of signings, a lot of legal issues that we had. Unfortunately, both on the buying and the sell side with each very challenging buyers and sellers that we had to deal with, and Manny was great working us through all the intricacies and the legalities to get through some of those very challenging issues. So, we would recommend Manny to anybody.

Cindy: Absolutely.

Jay: As well as MINT Title. We just got done actually closing. Everything went off without a hitch. Took us about 10 – 15 minutes maybe? I think in total.

Cindy: Yeah, tops.

Jay: Just a great experience overall.



Dave & De Biester

De: Hi! We’re Dave and De Biester and we have just closed on selling our home with Watters International. And, it’s been the most amazing experience. It was very stressful for me but they have made this the best process that it could ever be, and I’m extremely happy! And, I would definitely, definitely recommend Watters to anyone.

Dave: Highly recommend them 100%.

De: Oh, yeah baby.

Dave: [inaudible] great job, They kept us informed, kept us in the loop. Great people.

De: Yes!

Dave: Thank you.





Laney Huerkamp

Laney: Hi, my name is Laney Huerkamp and I’m here at MINT Title and just had a privilege of closing on my house today. I can’t say enough great things about Thomas Perry and Michael Dixon, my realtor. They were a great team, easy to work with and I would certainly recommend them and will certainly work with them again in the future. It’s been a super easy experience, and I’m glad that we sold today.










Jack & Shannon Clanton

Shannon: My name is Shannon Clanton and I just want to say “Thank you” to Scott Petcov and Thomas Perry. They both have done an excellent job on helping us sell our home in 4 hours and find a new one within just 1 day. It has been truly a great experience with no problems, no issues. And, I would highly recommend Watters International.

Jack: Scott Petcov and Thomas Perry from Watters International was fantastic. I would highly recommend them to anyone. And MINT Title handling the closing and I think they were very professional and they made it painless. And, I would just like to thank everybody involved in the buying, in the selling, and the closing. Thank you.







Jimmy Gutierrez

Jimmy: My name is Jimmy Gutierrez, and we were selling some property. We went with Watters International and here at the MINT Title Company. And, I am very, very pleased and happy how they took care of us, how prompt they were, and not only did it sell probably within a week. It was above the asking price and I highly recommend them.











Budd & Gloria Trippet

Budd: Well, good morning. This is, my name is Budd.

Gloria: And, I’m Gloria Trippet.

Budd: And we had just a great experience with Watters International. Our primary agent, Rhonda Pineda, was fantastic. Our coordinator, Tammy Spracklen, was amazing. We had, the things that we ejoyed about the transaction was we had beautiful photography by Parker. And then, our property was shown to great advantage. We were always informed of the buyers, we [inaudible] feedback. And, they did everything they can to make the process just as easy as possible. And, we did make a profit and I would recommend this company to anyone. It’s a very fine company.

Gloria: Yes.






Carol Cowan with Chad Brady and Thomas Perry

Carol: My name is Carol Cowan, I just sold my home. These two guys are awesome and they need a raise because they go way, way overboard. Chad brought me here because I was afraid to drive in Austin. Thomas I could call and he would go through all the paperwork and explain all that stuff to me. They kept on touch with everything, with me. I couldn’t ask for better.










Chance Bishop

Chance: All right, I’m here at the closing, for sale closing at MINT and I just wanted to say that how great Chris Watters International Realty was. I had my house above market in the area, and then we went to sale, put it on the market, and within one day I had offers. We went through the weekend, I had up to seven offers and it was up to twenty percent higher than what I was asking. Went to closing one backed out, and before I knew it, they already had a second one ready to close. We went through closing on that one, and now we are at final destination of selling my house.

Thanks Tammy, and thanks for Kenny, and they’re great sales people at Watters International. I’m excited.







Jann Harned

Jann: My name is Jann Harned and I just closed on my house I had for sale with Watters. And, Thomas Perry was the agent that we dealt with. He is awesome. He did a fantastic job of making sure that we were able to put the house up for sale and took care of all the details and it sold within only up for sale for 13 days, actually. He just counted that.

Completely satisfied with Watters International and Thomas needs an award.

Woman: And a raise.

Jann: And a raise. It was all great. The experience was really good. I hope [inaudible] satisfied.







Alan & Robyn Smith

Alan: Hi, I’m Alan Smith, just wanted to let you know that we just closed with our realtor, Thomas, and they did a very great job for us. This is my wife Robyn Smith.

Robyn: Hi, we’re closing today on our house, and Thomas Perry from Watters International and Chad Brady from Watters International have both been extremely helpful and wonderful and been through us through every question and everything through this process. We are very grateful and it was a wonderful experience to have people that care like that.









Chris Ramos

Chris: Hi, my name is Chris Ramos. My wife and I had the pleasure of dealing with Chris Watters when we were selling our house, Chris Watters International Reality. Folks let me tell you, this guy is the best there is. When it came to getting the best price for our house we were really amazed at what Chris could do. We’d had our house previously listed on the market for 180 days and it didn’t sell. Chris was able to get us $20,000 more than we had last listed the house for, and we didn’t even get back on the market. It was a bit of race to get out of the house because we couldn’t believe how fast the house sold. Chris and his staff were friendly, efficient and they follow up immediately on anything that needs to be done.

The bottom line is that with Chris Watters you can just relax. He’ll take care of you. We were stressed out trying to get our house sold, and with Chris, he took all the worry away. He did it in a fantastic manner. We would highly recommend him to anyone who’s going to sell their home. Thank you.




Dolly Mayer

Dolly: Hi. My name is Dolly Mayer. I have just been closing a rent house I sold. We closed with Mint Title. My wonderful real estate agents, Chris Waters and Thomas Perry, were of the greatest help. It was an overall very good experience. They were helpful. They were friendly. They answered all of our questions. They made the sale easy. It couldn’t have been better. The best thing is they sold my little rent house quickly at $11,000 above asking price, and sold it in 3 days, 5 days?

Woman: Something like that.

Dolly: Sometimes quick. It was an overall pleasant experience. I like everybody with this firm. My daughter who helped me so much, we both had a very, very good experience here. I would like recommend Chris and Thomas if you want a good real estate agent. Thank you Chris. Thank you Watters International. Thank you Thomas. Thank you Mint.