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Bradley Pounds

O: 512-253-7313


My interest in real estate began as a kid in a small East Texas town (Wells, population 762). My dad started out as a construction worker on remodeling jobs and eventually turned that into a home building business. The construction itself—with the wide variations in architecture and materials from one neighborhood to another—attracted me to real estate. After finishing up at the University of Texas , I began leasing the UT Campus-area market, then moved into relocations for local technology companies and government contractors. From those beginnings I developed indispensable knowledge of the neighborhoods and products in the Austin market.

Customer Service

My greatest strength as an agent is communication. I make a conscious effort to keep everyone abreast of every development. The thing to remember is what might seem like an insignificant contract change from the point of view of the client or the mortgage lender, might well throw things into disarray for the title assistant. So it’s my job to coordinate it all, keep everyone on the same page and the sale running smoothly.

Customer service is everything to me. People are nervous about the market; they shouldn’t be nervous about their agent. I’ve learned to listen in a way that’s two-fold. I listen to the clients’ wants and needs in a home and respond with options that answer those requirements literally. But I also listen for possibilities that perhaps the client hasn’t thought of. I try to help them see around corners.

Because I spent the initial years of my career in the nuanced and ever-evolving local rental market, the part of my business that I’m most excited about is the conversion of Austin-area renters into buyers. I think there’s a perception out there that prices are too high or that financing is unattainable, and I am committed to demonstrating to Austin-area renters that they really CAN afford that new home. My favorite part of the job is closing day with the excitement on the buyers’ faces and the energy in the room. It’s a great day for everyone. First-time homebuyers are the most fun—they make it feel new again for me as well!

More about me . . .

My first job was working in a local diner, where I came to appreciate the value of customer service and the make-or-break nature of good word-of-mouth advertising. I’ve been blessed with some really great feedback and thank you notes from past clients. I’m grateful and flattered that many have been satisfied enough with my service to refer their friends and family to me.

My life outside of work centers mainly around my dog, a seven-year-old Shar-Pei named Pigs. When I’m not scratching her head or sweeping up her hair, I’m either hosting my family (a wonderful bunch from East Texas that sees me as a great excuse to visit Austin) or volunteering for The Wright House (a nonprofit organization that offers free or low-cost treatments and services for people dealing with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and cancer).

I am deeply committed to this community. If you feel the same or hope someday to feel the same about Austin , I hope you’ll let me help you when you need the services of an experienced, dedicated Austin REALTOR.

Bradley Pounds
Broker, President
Watters International
8240 N. Mopac Expressway
Suite 110
Austin TX 78759

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